to the journey… Perhaps there is some information here that can help you discover the path to relationship with all of life. If you are an activist, spiritual seeker, householder, gardener, artist, on the path to self-realization, or just love to cook, we have something in common! So be in touch, and at least we can support each other along the way. If you are in the Mid-Hudson Valley region, I am available for private consultation as a nutritionist and yoga instructor.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health that incorporates breathing, yoga, meditation and diet, all tailored to your unique constitution and lifestyle, to address imbalances in body, mind and spirit. It not only leads to a healthier and stronger body and mind, but can even clear up acne and promote youthful glowing skin. It teaches us that we have the power to transform our lives, to experience clarity and a deep sense of connection and fulfillment, and to know and relish our place in the universe. All this is possible for you, and I would be honored to act as guide and support as you unfold into joy. My fees are reasonable, and barter is encouraged. Soon I will be offering classes in vegetarian cooking without tofu (!), making your own beauty products, bringing your spirituality into your everyday existence and more…out of my new home in Hudson, NY. Stay tuned. If you are looking for one of my music CDs, there is a link to my CD Baby site on the links page, where they are still available for purchase.

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